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Person-Centred counselling




delicate life in capable hands An event in our lives can change otherwise solid foundations. Some events can challenge long held values and beliefs and this can create inner conflict and affect relationships. Person-centred counselling is a gentle and effective way of you reaching your full potential.




Person-centred counselling is one of the 'talking therapies' and the content of each session is client focused.


The Person-Centred approach relies on the personal qualities of the therapist to offer a safe and confidential space in which to welcome you. This non-judgemental approach and an empathic relationship creates the nurturing environment where you will feel accepted and confident to identify and express buried feelings. These feelings may be about fear, lack of self-worth, buried trauma, despair, rejection or grief and much more.


The essence of the therapy is to work towards you becoming a fully functioning individual with the ability to confidently trust your own thoughts and feelings and make your own decisions and to enjoy a satisfying way of living.



BACP - British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy BSCH - British Society of Clinical Hypnosis


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