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In recent times I had been trying to control generalised anxiety and panic attacks. Jill taught me coping mechanisms to use immediately and with continued therapy I have overcome these problems and I'm now feel free to enjoy life and plan my future.


Jill is empathic in the way she meets people and draws from an extensive knowledge base and experience. Thank you.






I'm so glad that I found Jill and her therapeutic coaching, at exactly my time of need. I was feeling stressed and unable to cope during the time leading up to my divorce, and Jill helped me to regain my confidence in myself and see a clear path ahead. Each session was so valuable, always leaving me with positive and constructive thoughts to work on, and giving me the strength to cope on my own. With Jill's professional input I have moved almost seamlessly from 'surviving' to 'thriving'. Thank you.






I wasn't sure what to expect from a counsellor but my sessions with Jill have been life changing. She made me feel at ease and was easy to talk to. After a couple of sessions, I noticed a huge difference in myself and Jill has taught me some invaluable skills. I now have the confidence to make changes and feel more in control. Thank you Jill!






I have been seeing Jill for nearly a year. I have had much stress in business alongside raising two children, one of whom has a long-term illness. During this year I have also been faced with the additional challenge of one of the worst divorce scenarios on record. Jill has helped me to cope with complex emotions and associated behaviours. During this period, I have grown and feel that I am now able to fulfil my potential and I'm better able to support my children in all aspects of their life. With the new 'tools' Jill has taught me each day is manageable and enjoyable.


Ultimately, I have had to get through this alone. I have been coached by Jill and have found a way to understand and accept myself. There is now light at the end of the tunnel and I can confidently make my own decisions.


I thank her very much and highly recommend her. I am 43, and have spent 25 years self-employed, running many businesses: this is one of the best investments I have made.


If you have a broken limb, you fix it. Our brain health is vitally important, and its well-being is also vital to our family and friends. Jill - thank you.






Thanks to Jill, I was able to focus on those areas of my life that were blocked and were stopping me from moving forward with achieving my dreams, aspirations and goals, following a major bereavement.


Jill's unique style of therapeutic coaching enabled me to focus on and heal those areas of my life that needed immediate attention. She is very flexible in her approach and allowed me to explore and resolve issues with the feelings and parts of my unconscious mind as they surfaced, rather than constraining to me to a rigid process. I feel I've recovered my zest for living and enthusiasm for my work. I am, again, enjoying the creative experience of writing and exploring and venturing into new avenues with more confidence. More importantly, Jill worked with me to engineer a toolset that I am using to keep me on track and honing to share with my readership, in the future.


I recommend anyone who is 'stuck' to put their trust in Jill. She has helped me to overcome blocks and move forward with optimism and hope.






The irony is that I was working for a Mental Health Trust, every day immersed in the messaging we were trying to disseminate into the public... "1 in 4 people will experience some form of Mental Health episode" yet here I was in a flat spin of stress, anxiety, insomnia, yet I couldn't see it myself.


I was introduced to Jill by her daughter in law, a sports massage therapist I'd gone to see to try and work the knots out of my shoulders. Often I'd find myself completely tense, shoulders, back, neck - not even realising I was doing it. A deep breath and release and it felt wonderful. A few minutes later I'd find myself tense again.


After several sessions, Shelley called me out of the blue and said she thought I should meet someone, a stress counsellor is how Jill was described.


"Why not?" I thought and a half hour intro session ended up being an hour and a half offload, I walked out 10 stone lighter. A programme of 5 sessions with options of Skype calls in-between face to face sessions was booked, I opted for all face to face.


It's just so nice to talk to someone neutral in your life, no pre-set ideas or bias, someone who has been on their own journey, got their own "battlescars" and popped back out the other side...


It wasn't just helping me see the woods for the trees but lifted me to a 30,000 ft Ariel view.


Seeing Jill was the start of a complete reboot for me - Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I heartily recommend it...





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